Studies of Light and Movement

Pen on Paper, Animation, Sculpture, 2017

Light Reading 1 (Maridalsveien 90, 25.05.2017)                                                                              Light Reading 1 (Fossveien 24, 25.05.2017)

The drawings inform of the duration of night and day on the 25 th of May 2017 in Maridalsveien 90 and  Formrommet at KHiO, Fossveien 24. The pattern of each drawing is divided into three sections. Black represents night, and the lines represent day. The lines spaced further apart represent the time when the sunshine enters the space of the two different spaces directly; 

The drawing illustrates the time-span between day and night. The three phases of twilight are defined by the level of the centre of the sun centre of sun is below the horizon; civil twilight 0-6°, nautical twilight 6-12°, astronomical twilight 12-18°.

The graph represents the amount of people and vehicles passing Maridalsveien 90 over the course of 24 hours, starting at 12:00 on the 11 th of April 2017 and ending at 12:00 the following day. Each piece of perspex represents the volume of traffic recorded every 15 minutes. It shows
the movement directed towards the north and the movement directed southwards.